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    With the support of Disney, YSD successfully helped 500 disadvantages children to attend Disney On Ice in Ho Chi Minh City.

    Bring “Smile” for Disadvantaged Children

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    After the big success from La La Land, the wave of Jazz Music from the movie has connected amny music lovers around Vietnam. This particularly inspired YSD to open a Jazz Concert associate with Virginia Music Adventure to entertain the community.

    Arts for Community

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    During the project “Sustainable Agriculture”, YSD proudly co-operated with AGREA - an organization which its aims are to help eradicate poverty for farming and fishing families, to alleviate the effects of climate change and to help establish food security in the Philippines.

    SDGs Workshop - Sustainable Agriculture

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    International Volunteer Day 2017 (IVD 2017): an event organized by YSD to bring a program full of useful information about Volunteer Work, Social Projects and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Programs; as well as strenghtening the bonds among organizations to work for society in general and Youth in particular.

    International Volunteer Day

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    Inspire people to think, create and cooperate with each other to make progressive changes in Vietnam both social and economic terms. Stories about sustainable business models, leadership, shared values, and collaboration have been heatedly discussed.

    “How doing Good is Good for Business 2018”

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    The purpose of the event was to promote a "non-violent society". The event has built a civilized and diversed space, which based on non-violent standards, honoring traditional values, respecting differences and promoting integration.


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